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Wormwoman catalog : Posters and Transparencies

Earthworm Visual Series (Transparencies)Earthworm Visual Series (Transparencies)
This set of overhead transparencies of earthworm anatomy and reproduction provides clear, labeled diagrams of earthworm features such as segments, setae, clitellum, mouth, hearts. Included are:

I. External Features

II. Anatomy of an Earthowrm

III. Anterior Internal Organs

IV. Cross-section, Setae, and Nephridiopores

V. Earthworm Mating and Cocoon Formation;

VI. What part is this?

The last transparency, "What part is this?" is unlabeled for use as a review, or a quiz. Classroom teachers, recycling coordinators who give worm workshops, and those in the worm industry who do presentations in their communities can all benefit from having these excellent visual aids among their tools for communication.

Artists: Paul Bourgeois and Mary Frances Fenton

Level: Adult

Specs: 6 overhead transparencies, B/W, 8 1/2 x 11" 

Price:   $30.00 


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