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NEW! Compost tea provides natural alternative to lawn fertilizer
March 2013
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NEW! Let worms do the work on your garbage
March 2013
Improving Soil a Necessity if We are to Sustain Ourselves
Jan 2009
Why Use Compost Tea?
October 2008
Compost Tea for Your Lawn and Plants
September 2008
Compost Tea Offers Natural Alternative to Fertilizers
June 2008
Compost Tea an Alternative to Chemicals
Mar 2008
Worm Bins and Compost Teas
Dec 2003
press release, Apr 2003
Worm Composting — An Environmentally Friendly Solution To Garbage
Press Release, Jan 2003
Worm Composting — An Environmentally Friendly Solution To Garbage and Empowering Pet for Children
Press Release, Jan 2003
Worms, garbage creating new jobs
Lynden Tribune, Oct 2002
Worm Magic
Home & Garden, Spring 2002
Knit a Worm for Fun and Fantasy
Mary Appelhof
Why I self-publish by Mary Appelhof
Oakland Zoo Celebrates Global Worming
Press Release: Worm Cafe
Press Release: Worm Bin Creatures Alive Through a Microscope

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