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Compost Tea
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Why Compost Tea?
About Flowerfield Compost Tea

We start with Alaskan humus, an organic compost of the highest quality. Alaskan humus is harvested from vast reserves near Anchorage. The diversity of species and the populations of bacteria, fungi, and beneficial microorganisms have proven to be incredibly effective when applied in compost form or by way of the tea brewing method in virtually every type of soil, anywhere in the world.

Compost tea made for application to a lawn would ideally have more bacteria than fungi present. Trees receiving compost tea benefit more if the fungi outnumber the bacteria. For this reason Flowerfield Compost Tea will use custom blends of worm compost and/or inoculations of local soils, rock powders, and various bacterial or fungal foods for specific situations.

The water used in Flowerfield Compost Tea at our brew center in Three Rivers, MI has been chemically analyzed. A proprietary blend of minerals and nutrients is added to the brew to optimize the biological activity.

We use the GEOTEAâ„¢ compost tea brewer. It is a state-of-the-art commercial duty machine that produces a consistent quality product. It is manufactured in southern Wisconsin by a company dedicated to the production of safe and effective, biologically active compost tea. Flowerfield is proud to use this top-of-the-line brewer.

Each vat of Flowerfield Compost Tea is monitored for oxygen content throughout the brew cycle and samples are taken and examined with powerful microscopes to assure you, the customer, that a biologically rich and diverse compost tea will be ready to swing into action on your lawn or garden.

WMUK radio interviews Dane Terrill about Flowerfield's compost tea

Ordering Flowerfield Compost Tea

Flowerfield Compost Tea can be purchased by the gallon at our distribution points. Arrangements can be made for larger amounts to be delivered or applied.

Call 269-327-0108 or email nancy[at]wormwoman.com

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