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Vermicomposting is a system for turning food waste into potting soil with the help of worms.

What do I need?

An aerated container
Bedding such as shredded newspaper
Moisture and proper temperature
Small amount of soil
Redworms (Eisenia fetida)

What do I do?

Bury your organic kitchen waste in the worm bin. Bacteria and other organisms break it down and worms eat the food waste, bedding, and bacteria. They turn it all into humus--nutrient-rich food for growing healthy plants

Doesn't it smell?

Odor is minimal if you don't overload the system. Worms in a 16"x19"x12" bin can process 2-3 pounds of garbage a week. Capacity of a 20" x 24" x 12" bin is up to 5 pounds of garbage a week.

How long before I have worm castings to feed my plants?

Plan on about six months from the time you set up your bin. You will bury garbage every week. As the worms process the garbage and bedding, the contents of the bin will turn dark brown. You can then harvest the vermicompost (compost produced through the action of worms) in a variety of ways to use on your plants and in your garden.

Do I have to keep buying new worms?

If you treat them right they will reproduce. You will find cocoons in your bin from which baby worms will hatch. After several months, you may have twice as many worms. You can use them to go fishing, or help a neighbor set up a bin, or just leave them in your bin. Overpopulation will not be a problem.

Do people really DO this?

Worm composting is becoming more and more popular. It is the only way to recycle on-site, in your own home. You place food waste in your worm bin. The worms turn it into plant food. You use the plant food to grow vegetables in your garden, or attractive flowers to delight your senses. If you compost your garbage with worms, you help the environment.
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