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Worms Eat My Garbage: How to setup and maintain a vermicomposting system

Newly revised and updated, the new Worms Eat My Garbage gives even more information on how to set up and maintain a worm composting system than the popular first edition which sold over 100,000 copies.

We added numerous tables and charts and more photos to the line art and cartoons which made the first book so delightful. In addition to the simple 2' x 2' x 8" box and the 1' x 2' x 3' wooden bins we provide instructions and diagrams on how to build the roomy, versatile, and more elegant Patio Bench Worm Bin.

Also new are descriptions of several plastic bins available commercially, including the Can o' Worms, Gardener's Supply worm bin, Original Vermicomposter, and Worm-a-way®.

The nitty-gritty of vermicomposting is all in this book: preparing worm beddings, how to meet the needs of the worms, and what kinds of foods you can feed your worms. Harvesting worms and castings, making potting soil from the vermicompost, and growing healthy plants from the recycled food wastes are all covered.

To make the book more useful for people who use the metric system of measurement rather than English units, we incorporated metric units alongside the text.

Interest in worms begets interest in worms. In addition to the 63-item bibliography citing the most current publications available on earthworms, Appelhof annotated 24 of the publications she thinks will be most useful for the layperson. Categories include earthworm books for the layperson and for the advanced student, books on earthworm farming, composting, and soil animals, and worm books for kids.

The glossary and a comprehensive index will make this book a useful guide and reference manual far beyond the first reading of the text.

When done at home or in the classroom, vermicomposting is the only type of recycling routine in which used stuff (food waste) is processed on-site (eaten by worms). This processing results in a useful product (worm castings) which can be used on-site (in the garden) to nurture plants which can feed people. The excess food waste can again go back to worms. You can help solve solid waste problems and make a healthier planet by recycling your garbage with worms. This book tells you how.

"Mary makes worms work with waste, and makes it fun. Now after a quarter of a century, others can continue to share her passion for earthworms and the environment, with this timely revision of the 'classic' Worms Eat My Garbage."
John Buckerfield, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Australia)

". . . the most thorough, easy-to-follow book we've seen on the worm bin idea."
Gardens for All

"Appelhof's book is a quick read with a light-hearted approach that makes vermicomposting . . . sound easy, cheap, and surprisingly tidy."
Nancy Szerlag, The Detroit News

". . . supplies everything you want to know about worm composting but didn't know where to ask."
Green Living

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