A $350 toilet powered by worms may be the ingenious future of sanitation. Bill Gates is working on using composting worms to deal with the lack of sanitation that harms people throughout the world. This shows that Worms Can Eat More Than Your Food Waste. Check it out.
Alderleaf Wilderness College has many interesting classes. Here is some of their work. www.wildernesscollege.com/worm-composting-system.html  
North Carolina State is one of the leaders in the Nation for vermicomposting.  https://composting.ces.ncsu.edu/vermicomposting-north-carolina/
April 2018 Fayetteville High School Omni Club had me as a guest speaker after they did a “take a way” vermicomposting bin class. Wonderful young people concerned about sustainablilty.